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We offer our Islamic accounts to clients following the Muslim faith.

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You can now trade with an Islamic Account, hassle free!

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Open an Islamic Account with CDO Markets Limited and we immediately assist you with your account opening process.

More Rewarding

Trade like you did before earn back all your swaps at the end of the month! EURUSD 1 pip, 30 cent gold, 3 cents silver account and CFD raw +10 USD RT commission.

Forex Islamic Account Conditions

Your swap free lot condition is 30%


Every spot position you hold overnight will be subject to swap charge and there will be swap refund back to your account based on how much of the lot condition is met.


At the beginning of each now month, we will take into account swaps charges previous months and calculate if you have reached 30% lot condition.


For example if, on January, you paid 1,000 USD swap, in order for this to be returned to your account, you need to have made 1,000 * 30/ 100 = 300 lots Round Turn.


If on January, you made 150 lots Round Turn, we will return half of the swaps back to you. Because you have not made sufficient lots to receive whole swaps back.

Forex Islamic Account

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